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Specialising in creating small quantity bespoke items, IAS Leathergoods can manufacture bags for your retail store in line with your brand image, style and budget.

Professional manufactures of women’s and men’s bags, IAS Leathergoods expertise include: Clutch Bags, Purses, Wedding Bags, Prom Bags, Handbags, Tote Bags, Shoulder Bags, Shopping Bags, Waist Belts, Hip Bags, Bum Bags and Messenger Bags.

Passionate about creating stylish accessories, women’s bags remain at the core of the products on offer, in a variety of quality materials. Finished to an excellent standard and tested for durability, the IAS Leathergoods and LONI range consist of patent, suede, real leather, faux leather, vegan leather, satin, canvas, velvet and more, enabling your products to be adapted to match any shoe or outfit required.

Available made to order, the IAS Leathergoods design team can create your very own range of bags made to order, with unique bespoke designs to suit your requirements or retail brand. Specialists in shoe and outfit matching, bags can be custom designed with colour matching, shoe matching and outfit matching, to create perfectly coordinating looks for any retailer.

With a reputation built on quality products that do not disappoint, IAS Leathergoods bags and totes exemplify 21st Century fashion, with a sense of glamour and stylish spirit. Created completely bespoke to your requirements, bags range from playfully daring to classic British style, as chic or as practical as you decide.

Crafted by carefully selected, highly trained and experienced craftsmen, IAS Leathergoods has a reputation for iconic and unique designs, individual shoe and outfit matching, with a retail development unmatched by competitors.

Manufactured solely within the UK, IAS Leathergoods is a trusted supplier to UK brands and retailers alike, providing clients the opportunity to visit and monitor their lines’ creation from start to finish. With the help of Ruth and the team, bag collections can be designed collaboratively to ensure the final result surpasses expectations.

For further information about the design process or to place an order, please contact IAS Leathergoods at +44 (0)161 834 2968 or [email protected]

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